How to Choose A Winning Major

How to Choose a Major Choosing your major is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. It’s a choice you make when you’re young, a choice you make when you’re still maturing and getting to grips with the world around you, but it is one that will dictate the trajectory of your future.

If you choose incorrectly, then you could pay the price in later years. To make sure that you make the right choice and have no regrets, it’s important to look at all potential majors from all angles. You need to ask yourself a series of questions, taking your time to go over each of them:

What Should I Major In? Which Majors Will Earn me the Most Money? Which Majors Will Give me the Most Job Satisfaction? Which Majors will Become Obsolete in a Few Years? Do I Need a Minor? Ultimately you’re the one who has to make the decision and there is no do-over. But this guide should be able to help you with that decision, with your major and with the career path that you eventual embark upon.

Top Majors That Will See the Most Growth in the Next Five Years Trends come and go. Philosophy, psychology, sports science, social studies—it seems like every major has had its day. These trends aren’t always related to real-life careers. Sometimes a popular film or book can sway opinion, sometimes it’s down to the promise of a big paycheck.

This generation is considerably less interested in majors related to education and humanities, much more interested in business majors, and just as interested in social studies and natural sciences. But what does the future hold? Will business majors remain dominant? Will computing and medical careers be the main focus of this generation of students?

What follows are majors that are likely to see the most growth over the next 5 years:

Biomedical Engineer: Medical science is constantly advancing, changing the way we live, improving our lives and doing things previously not thought possible. Researchers are at the forefront of those advances and the biomedical sector is where many breakthroughs are made. Anyone looking to discover the next big cure or to decipher a previously unknown illness will see this career as the ultimate goal. Dentists and Dental Hygienists: Dentists are often portrayed as deeply unhappy people, which no doubt stems from the fact that they have one of the highest suicide rates in the US. But this is a profession on the rise. People are living longer, taking more care of their teeth and looking to embrace revolutionary cosmetic treatments. As a result, the demand for dentists and dental hygienists is set to boom. Interpreting, Translation, Linguistics: The world is more interconnected than ever before and the demand for multilingual speakers has never been higher. You can make a lot of money if you are fluent in several languages and as the business marketplace becomes more of a global one that will only increase. That’s why associated majors are likely to see a lot of growth. Project Managers, Business Managers: Project management is now an essential part of business. Techniques like Agile and Scrum are common place in business from east to west and as wages climb alongside demand, more students are looking to learn the skills they need to manage projects and businesses. Mental Health Majors: The mental health sector is growing off the back of an increased public awareness and acceptance. We’re more open to mental health problems than ever, which is great for those suffering from such issues and it’s also a motivation for anyone looking to become part of the solution. Students with personal histories and family histories of mental health are also more likely to focus on this sector in order to give a little back. Surgeons: Plastic surgery has become an accepted practice. It’s not just about vanity either, as plastic surgery can be used to cure lifelong ailments, to help build self-confidence and to ensure a better and healthier existence. As it becomes more and more a part of every day society, the amount of people looking to train as surgeons will also likely increase.


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